Upper Meadow Clinic 12.31.16

Register-Now-Button-BLACKThe Upper Meadow below 1900 cfs is a classic creek with open Class III-IV lines that come in to focus once you commit to the next eddy and go. Much more than a guided trip down this West Virginia gem, this clinic will set you on the path of experiencing the joy of independent line selection.

If you’d like some help with your boating but can’t make this one, contact us and let’s set something up.
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Upper Meadow – Russellville, WV

One fun day on the Upper Meadow

Class Size:
3 students maximum

Topics Covered:
● How to pick your own lines (leading, boat scouting, and water reading)
● Catching small eddies with precision and confidence
● Basic creeking (intro to Boofs and Smears)
● Creeking Etiquette / Risk Management
● Efficiency as the means to Elegance
● Small class size allows for flexibility in the topics covered. Bring some ideas of things you want to work on and we’ll see what we can do.

● A willingness to push yourself on the Upper Meadow.
● Skills appropriate for the level we will have. At 1300-1900 cfs, the Upper Meadow is Class IV (you will appreciate having a good roll). Between 750-1300, it is III-IV (a fair roll is recommended).
● A creek boat or large river runner you feel comfortable paddling with adequate flotation, paddle, whitewater helmet, pfd, and skirt (If your creeker still has a mind of its own, talk to me about a Creeking Clinic on the Lower Yough this summer.)
● Food, water, appropriate clothing, and whatever other trinkets and knick knacks you need for a day on a remote river

$130 per student

Considerations / Additional Info.:
● As noted, the difficulty of the Upper Meadow increases with the CFS.  We will want to hit it at a level that is in line with your learning ability so some flexibility may be asked of you. A (reasonably) nearby alternate river may be selected.
● Although a rail trail runs along its entire length, the Upper Meadow is a remote run in West Virginia. Come prepared and (over)dress appropriately.
● If the road conditions will allow, we will put on at the top of “The Rapid”, skipping the long flat water access paddle at the beginning of the run that is mentioned in some guidebooks.

Looking forward to it.


Dave 2