Swift Water Rescue Skills Courses


L4 Swift Water Rescue (2 Days):

These courses cover the ACA’s full L4 SWR Curriculum including the Z Drag, Rescue Vest, Cinches, and scenarios with a dummy. There is an emphasis on preparation and prevention as well as hazard recognition and avoidance throughout the course since an accident that is prevented is better than a successful rescue.  This course meets or exceed the 1006 standard set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 1006 Chapter 12 Levels 1 & 2).  Class II-III paddling ability is required but no combat roll is required.

Course Schedule:
L4 Swift Water Rescue Course ○ Sylva, NC ○ 5.14.18-5.15.18

L4 Swift Water Rescue Course ○ Friendsville, MD ○ 6.2.18-6.3.18

Women’s L4 Swift Water Rescue Course ○ Glasgow, VA ○ 6.23.18-6.24.18

L4 Swift Water Rescue Course ○ Friendsville, MD ○ 7.28.18-7.29.18

L4 Swift Water Rescue ○ Glasgow, VA ○ 8.18.18-8.19.18

L4 Swift Water Rescue ○ Jonesborough, TN ○ 8.25.18-8.26.18

L4 Swift Water Rescue ○ Glasgow, VA ○ 9.29.18-9.30.18

L3 Swift Water Rescue (1 Day):

These courses cover the ACA’s L3 SWR curriculum which focuses on the techniques most commonly used in river rescues.  You can find the curriculum HERE.

L3 SWR Course Requirements:
 * A reasonable level of comfort swimming Class II-III rapids
* Helmet and rescue pfd in good condition
* Appropriate clothing to be in the water for several hours continuously. Because of long periods in the water, SWR classes are much colder days on the river than a typical paddling day. This class will be on both dry land and in the water so layers that you can add / remove easily are a good idea.

Although not a course requirement, a first aid kit is recommended for anyone on the river.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule a L3 SWR course for your group.

Wilderness First Aid / CPR:

You’ve executed the rescue but now have an injured patient to treat and possibly evacuate.  Get the medical skills you need to help the injured HERE.