ACA Kayak Instructor Update ○ Friendsville, MD ○ 8.21.16

ITE ACA Logo Register NowAlthough many of my Kayak Skills Courses or Instructor Certification Workshops can be taken as an ACA Instructor Update or Upgrade, I am holding a specific Update / Upgrade course 8.21.16.

This course will only have other experienced instructors in it and will be a great opportunity to improve as well as exchange ideas with your peers.  My Updates are designed for the Instructor who has been keeping up with their skills and looking to build on what they have, not just get a check in the box for another four years.

If the Instructor is unable to demonstrate that their skills still meet the ACA’s Standard for their current level of Certification, they will be continued at a lower level and allowed to repeat the Update process at no charge for up to a year.

If I am working with an Instructor to help them Upgrade and they are unable to satisfy the ACA’s requirements for that Level, I am willing to work with that Instructor for up to one year (within reason) at no charge to help them Upgrade.

There will be written pre-work assigned prior to this Update / Upgrade that will be due the first day of the course.

Remember that ACA Certs work on 4 year blocks, not anniversaries so you really don’t gain anything by waiting until the fourth year to get an Update. You just save yourself a lot of hassle.

L1-L4 Kayak Update: $130 (one day required)
L2-L4 Kayak Upgrade: $270 (three days recommended)
L5 Kayak Upgrade: Go HERE for dates, prerequisites, and pricing.

Note: Additional time may be required by the ACA if an Instructor has gone past their 4 year Certification period and been granted an extension. This will affect the cost.

Wilderness First Aid / CPR

Need help with the WFA / FA / CPR portion of the ACA Instructor Maintenance Requirement? Go HERE.

ACA Instructor Maintenance Requirements (Short Form):

Within the four year Certificaiton block, an Instructor must:
* Maintain annual ACA membership and SEIC registration
* Teach and properly report a minimum of two classes every four years. At least one class should be at the highest level of certification.
* Successfully complete an Instructor Update during the certification period.
* Maintain venue appropriate First Aid and age appropriate CPR Certification

The full ACA Instructor maintenance requirements can be found HERE.